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tv   News  ABC  February 14, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EST

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the man hunt for a cop
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killer in california is now over. this morning, plenty of unanswered questions about the suspect christopher dorner. some posters crayons teachers boy a lot of items for the state of the unions. what -- students. what some law mike, wanted the -- lawmakers want to do that could help them pay for the items for classrooms. happy valentine's day maryland, i'm charlie crowson. >> is i'm megan pringle. that includes the weather because there are some delays already this morning. carroll county and frederick county on the two hour delay and it looks like it's probably because of the weather. >> also got some traffic accidents to talk about. but as far as the forecast today, lynette you nailed it once again. >> oh all right charlie. also talking about some slick shots this morning because -- spots this morning because the temperatures are below freezing. we're at 30 degrees right now in timonium. 30 manchester and eldersburg 31. 28 joppa and bel air at 30 degrees. 32 frederick and we're at 33 degrees in easton along the eastern shore this morning. so with that, you really need to take it easy on the roadways. give yourself enough time out there as you step out and
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about. we're also dealing with some patchy fog. so some of the delays could be because of the slick roads or it could be because of the fog. we only have about five miles of visibility now in baltimore and easton coming in at four. five in york and nine in hagerstown and we really need the 10s through the roast the morning. the winds will switch out to the north and west that's going to dry the air out and we'll scour out the fog. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now and it will stay that way throughout the day. leave the rain gear at home. you don't need it at all. this is what you can expect as you plan your day. the high temperature coming in right around 47 degrees and we will get plenty of sunshine in here as well. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. we have a serious crash in anne arundel and involves six vehicles on 97 and it shuts down the northbound lanes at route 32. you will want to use richie highway instead. we have another accident on 97 along the southbound lanes at new cut road that's blocking one lane. if you are heading out to 695, we have an accident that's
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blocking two inner loop lanes right now between rich three highway and 97. and here's a live look at the beltway you'll notice a lot of congestion particularly on the outer loop. right now average speed clocking in at just 33 miles per hour on the outer loop between 795 and 70. if you are traveling on 83, here's a live look this is actually going to be the beltway in parkville. no delays all the way up to towson. if you are on 83 this morning nothing to get in the way of the harrisburg expressway here in hunt valley. but on the just we are dealing with an accident on northern parkway at the jfx and the northbound lanes of 83 also moving really slowly as you do make your way out of downtown baltimore. just 19 miles per hour right now at gay street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. well, police say the man hunt for the alleged corn california cop killer is southern california cop killer christopher dorner is over. the body found in the cabin is believed to be that of the suspect. detectives are waiting for an
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id on the remains but they're saying the man opportunity for the # 3 -- hunt for the 33-year- old fugitive who is suspected in four murders is now done. now yesterday, the husband and wife taken hostage by a man believed to be dorner spoke to reporters about the harrowing moments they came to face-to- face with the suspected killer. >> dorner jumped out of the snow at me. gun drawn. big long rifle. he pointed his gun at me and said i don't want to hurt you. >> on tuesday afternoon police trailed the man back to a cabin at pig bear lake in california. after a shootout with deputies that man barricaded himself inside. police reported hearing a single gunshot inside the cabin before the building burned to the ground. on wednesday investigators found charred human remains and dorner's wallet as well as his id. the san bernardino sheriff's department identified the deputy who was killed by the gunfire as detective jeremiah
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mccay. he was 35 years old with a 7- year-old daughter and a 4-month- old son. crucifier dorner is also believed to have killed three others all with ties to various police departments in california. as always we're going to continue updating this story for you on facebook, twitter and at megan? all right charlie thanks. right now new video this morning. a georgia teenager is accused of stealing a school bus because he didn't feel like walking. the 18-year-old had just been released from jail. he was there on a drug possession charge. he left on foot and apparently got fired so allegedly he stole a school bus. he returned the bus to a different school and then walked to his grandmother's house but as you see the whole thing was caught on camera. so he appears to be busted that's court police and right now he has a $5,000 bond. your child is in the front of the general assembly this year. more specifically, their teachers. right now there's a push to give teachers a tax break from the state and this is all with the school supplies they buy
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with money from their own pocket. a similar measure failed several times and abc2 news' sherrie johnson is here with the story. i sympathy a lot of people -- think a lot of people at home would be surprised this has failed in the past. >> reporter: it's no secret that teachers work very hard for their students. some lawmakers want to help them out. they basically want the give teachers a -- to give teachers a bigger tax break for the supplies they buy. the bill would allow teachers to write off as much as $500 for school supplies they buy out of pocket. right now they can get $250 from the federal government but the state doesn't that type of offer. the delegate has a master of science in education from johns hopkins university and he understands the commitment teachers make for students. >> they make a lot of sacrifices to be in the profession and the first place. and then with tight school budgets, many of the teachers and educators have had to go out of pocket to keep their classrooms properly supplied. >> i think it's awesome that they think that we're that special. that they would just go out and
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buy stuff for us. because they think that we're that special. so -- that makes me happy. >> reporter: now yes similar bills have failed in 2003, 2004 and 2005. because they were considered too expensive. the price tag was somewhere around $33 million. one of the things lawmakers are talking about this time is how to keep that cost down. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and as a reminder for you on this thursday morning a number of delays to tell you about. carroll county and frederick county, they are both on a two hour delay because of the weather. >> you can always follow us on twitter for the latest breaking news and then school cancellations and delays. keep that in mind. straight ahead this morning drivers in california can use the voice activated devices while driving. >> but this morning why one lawmakers says this is just as dangerous and he wants to ban that too. >> plus a student says she's not able to work in her field of study because of a grade and now she's suing her university. we'll tell you about the amount she says the school is costing her in a lifetime of earnings.
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put that phone away. that's what they had to do in california. just a year ago hands free texting while driving in california became legal. >> now they're making an effort thousands of drivers text hands free while driving and with long commutes and traffic jams it's simply become a way of life. but a freshman state lawmaker says even voice texting is simply too dangerous. >> the average time for looking and being distracted is about 4.6 seconds. and at 55 miles per hour that's almost a football field you're not paying attention to the drivers around you. and to any that's not okay. >> he's introduced a bill that should fete its first hearing this spring and we'll keep you updated on what happens. when you were in school, did you ever receive a grade
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that you thought this just isn't fair? well, a former graduate student in pennsylvania is suing her school because of that. megan thod e-filed a lawsuit against lee university because a c. plus in 2009. she says the grade impacted her degree and her earning potential. the lawsuit accuses the school of sexual discrimination and breach of contract. thode is seeking $1.3 million in damages. some big changings coming now to two major airlines. >> yeah the deal american airlines and u.s. airways have now agreed to and how that could affect you the next time you choose one of the carriers. >> and we have 30s for low temperatures this morning. but i'll tell you when we'll have 30s for high temperatures. those details coming up. >> well, lynette we are dealing with heavy delays here on 695 and baltimore national pike. and many accidents across the region. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland." a can of del monte green beans?
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♪ ♪ grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life. well, we're working for you this morning. if you haven't looked out window yet. this is what you're waking up this. this is a live picture from rogers forge in baltimore county. as you can see looks like there's some ice on the road
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and definitely snow. you're going to have to allow some time to clear out the car. thanks for being with us, we are working for you this morning. right to meteorologist lynette charles because she got the forecast right as far as the severity of the snow but we have some freezing the morning. >> some schools on a two hour delay and be mindful of that as well. >> it looks like that slush that we had because the temperatures were just so warm yesterday, well what's happened is that that slush is frozen now. so that's what's going on there. and also we're dealing with the fact that we do have some patchy fog across the area this morning. temperature-wise though, we are talking about coming in below freezing at 29 degrees now in timonium. more of the same in joppa. and we can siddhas going on at the airport. temperature coming in at 31 degrees there. out and about take it easy on the roadways because you saw what we're dealing across the area. also dealing with the fact that we will get some sunshine in here as we go through the day. so we do have improving conditions. we will have the clouds decreasing as we go through
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time. so this is what you can expect as you plan your day. partly cloudy skies by lunchtime. 43 degrees that high temperature coming in above average. we should be at 44 now. coming in at 47. and then by 7:00 this evening. temperatures dropping off a bit. 42 degrees but the big story for today is that we will stay dry. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, this weather really impacting your commute. we are dealing with a serious crash on 97 in anne arundel county. this northbound lanes are shut down at route 32. you will want to stick with richie highway and unfortunately we have crash on -- we have a crash on richie highway at the northbound lanes at 695. but here's a live look at the delays at baltimore national pike. it's going to take you an extra 12 minutes to travel the how much from 795 down to 70. just 16 miles per hour with the average speed. here in parkville though everything not as bad as you make the push from harford road up to providence road.
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only a to minute delay as you travel the outer loop from95 up to 83. we have a crash at the beltway and here in hunt valley 83 nice and clear. nothing the get in the way as you make the push down to the beltway but you will have some delays as you do get on to the jfx. we have several accidents reported on northern parkway at 83 really slowing things down. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. well, just minutes before 7:00 and if you're planning on making plans to fly soon, your options will soon get smaller. the merger of american airlines and u.s. airways has formally been announced. this according to the associated press. it was $11 billion deal capping off a half decade of bankruptcies and consolidations for the u.s. airline industry and leaving travelers four big carriers right now from which to choose. the merger was approved on wednesday and just med facial moments ago. it -- made official moments ago. american airlines will keep the name and as a result american has been restructuring under
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bankruptcy protections since 2011. and the deal has been in the works since august but is now become official. the new american will have more than 900 planes, 3200 daily flights and more than 95,000 employees not counting the regional affiliates. travelers on american and u.s. airways are not going to see an immediate change just yet. it's going to likely be months before frequent flier programs are combined and it could be years before the two airlines are fully integrated. one of the more immediate outcomes though will be american's president on key east coast markets including new york and washington's reagan national. it will add u.s. air hubs to charlotte, phoenix, and american in dallas/ft. worth. also chicago, miami new york and l. a. are going to see changes as well but once again just moments ago the associated press has announced the merger has gone through and $11 billion is the number. and we just tweeted it out for you so you can also get the updates megan by following us at and on twitter
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@abc2news. breaking news this morning out of south africa. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius is charged with murder after a woman was shot dead at his home. pistorius is a double amputee and he has been known as blade runner. the victim is reportedly his girlfriend a south african model reeva steenkamp. there are reports that he may have mistaken her for a burglar and shot her. he is expected to be in court later on today. follow us on twitter and we'll keep you posted on the story. more questions the morning on the shooting of a police trainee that happened in baltimore county in owings mills. right now there's some confusion about the location of the trainingment police have not released the identity of the trainee that was shot and abc2 news' sherrie johnson has been following the story and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: yes the questions just cope on mounting megan and you know at last report the trainee was in crate 8:00 can at shock trauma. this morning there's some dispute over the details on police training at the former rosewood center. where the trainee was shot in the head earlier this week. the only public comments received from investigators
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came tuesday night in a briefing outside of shock trauma. sources say roughly 50 trainees from several police agencies were involved in the training on tuesday. a baltimore city police instructor fired a live round hitting a trainee from the university of maryland baltimore police department in the head. now there's still been no answer on the question of how a live round could have been fired during training. a state police representative said police training has been going on in rosewood quote for years. the that's the case a woman who lives next door says it's news to her. >> that facility has been used for training purposes for many years. >> i was surprised that it was surprised if -- used for that. when i heard it on the news that's the first time i heard anything about it. >> reporter: now the state's department of mental health and hygiene owns the hospital grounds. a spokesperson says they didn't know if the department was aware police were using their facility. state police are conducting a criminal investigation of the baltimore city police department and the commissioner has suspended all training
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indefinitely until he can determine what went wrong. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. nine minutes away from 7:00 right now and happening today, senate democratic leaders are voting on former senator chuck hagel's confirmation as secretary of defense. hagel is expected to have enough votes to get past the senate filibuster and be confirmed as the top pentagon official. his nomination was met with criticism by some senate republicans. well, just days after speaking to millions in an ash wednesday mass, pope benedict 16 will now meet with parish priests from rome today. he's expected to talk about his personal experiences during the reformist second vatican council back in the 1960s. he made a surprise announcement last week saying he would be stepping down from his position due to health reasons. the story is continuing to develop. five things to know on this thursday morning. check your fridge before making your salad and heading off to work today because taylor farms retail is recalling some baby spinach because it could be contaminated with e. coli. it was sold around several
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labels. the numbers have gone up 4% since 2002. in the study half the women who used the pill said they did it because they had unprotected sex. passengers aboard a carnival cruise ship will finally be able to get off the boat today. it's expected to dock in mobile, alabama. a fire in the room has caused the ship to be stranded at sea for five days. the virginia couple who bought the $217 million winning powerball ticket will be introduced today. they bought the ticket at the richmond international airport. how about that? the paisout is going to be about $136 million after taxes. >> not bad. some love letters between former president johnson and lady bird johnson are going on the public display. nearly 100 letters were written in 1934 and they're going to be on display in austin, texas at the lbj presidential library. all right, let's talk temperatures right now. because we're at 31 degrees in baltimore. we are below freezing so we do have some icy spots out there
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this morning. we've had them all morning long. 22 degrees right now in york. but we do have the winds out of the west at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. so this is what it feels like, this is what you need to dress for this morning. you need to dress for that 24 in baltimore. 33 in easton and dress for the 16 in york and 24 in frederick. it is cold bundle up. at the surface this is what's going on. we have the system already out into the atlantic not a problem what so far. as we look at high pressure this is what will build in as we go throughout the day. so we will be begin to get some sunshine in here. not going to last too long though. we'll start to see more clouds moving in through tomorrow. let's check out abc2's most accurate future trend right now. and it shows you exactly that. as we will have sunshine today. then we'll have some clouds beginning to move in as we go into friday. and we'll stay dry during the day but then new system work its way in here bringing us rain and also snow goes back into motion just like the last few storms. on the backside wrapping up with some snow across the area.
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no accumulations really maybe about an inch again off towards the north and west you go. but for today, this is what we're expecting. that high temperature coming in at 47 degrees. so it's going to be a nice valentine's day. valentine's night looks like and clear for the most part. just a few clouds but chilly coming in at freezing. we will have the new system coming in for the weekend. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. we are following several accidents big problems in anne arundel county. where a crash has shut down 97. the northbound lanes at route 32. use richie highway. and there's another crash on route 10 pasadena along the northbound lanes at route 100 and another crash on route 50 eastbound prior to 97. a live look at the beltway the west side extremely jammed here at baltimore national pike. 12 extra minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. also moving slowly on the harrisburg expressway at shawan road. we have several accidents reported on northern parkway at
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83. that's a look at your traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. for centuries poets, singers and writers have tried to find the perfect way to describe love. >> to find the definition of love we're looking no further than a group of adorable kids who don't need many words to die what it means to -- describe what it means to love them. >> warm and fuzzy. >> i don't know. >> sprinkles. >> sprinkles of course. they were asked other things what they love and what their parents do on a date night. some of them even said they go to costco. >> chick-fil-a. >> very cute. one kid said las vegas i thought well his parents are fun. wow. >> getting it done. hey a quick update for you. you guys remember the story we had yesterday about the zombie apocalypse? and the attack that was broadcast on the tv? it's now been claimed on a faulty password. >> thank goodness. >> have a happy valentine's
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day. we'll see you in 30 minutes. >> bye. >> blame the password. one two three four. >> only you would be getting an update on the zombie apocalypse. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine
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so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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